CardDAV Synchronization in iOS 12 requires SSL

Our software PeopleSync allows the synchronization of contacts to all current models of the Apple iPhone. The majority of our customers is using this functionality as the iPhone is one of the major business smartphones globally. The CardDAV synchronization, used by PeopleSync, is provided as a native part of the iOS operating system by Apple.

In iOS 12, Apple made a change to their synchronization component that might affect some customers of ours: Apple terminated the support of synchronization over HTTP without SSL-encryption. While the encryption of connections to a business environment is critical for the security of the entire network, many customers used non-SSL connections within their WiFi during the evaluation.

Customers, using PeopleSync without SSL, should get an SSL-certificate and change their configuration to support encrypted HTTPS connections before upgrading devices to iOS 12. Unencrypted usage of PeopleSync has been supported by us for production environments on a best effort base only. But with iOS 12, messageconcept won’t be able to support environments without HTTPS neither in production nor in a lab.

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