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New PeopleSync Release Backend 19.1.603 / Frontend 19.1.1


The new PeopleSync release allows to map phone numbers to different field for mobile clients (e.g. display a second phone number as “phone”, instead of “car”). Besides several bug fixes, we also included performance improvements and reduced the SQL database load. The new release comes with new database drivers and supports TLS 1.2 database connections. … WeiterlesenNew PeopleSync Release Backend 19.1.603 / Frontend 19.1.1

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CardDAV Synchronization in iOS 12 requires SSL


Our software PeopleSync allows the synchronization of contacts to all current models of the Apple iPhone. The majority of our customers is using this functionality as the iPhone is one of the major business smartphones globally. The CardDAV synchronization, used by PeopleSync, is provided as a native part of the iOS operating system by Apple. … WeiterlesenCardDAV Synchronization in iOS 12 requires SSL

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New PeopleSync Backend Release 17.1.529 / Frontend Release 18.2.1


Our new PeopleSync release concentrates on stability fixes and security improvements on the Frontend Server. Besides that, we now prevent the software installation on Domain Controllers to avoid issues of the role coexistence. Please also note, the dropped support for Windows Server 2008 R2 from the previous release. This release contains the following bug fixes, … WeiterlesenNew PeopleSync Backend Release 17.1.529 / Frontend Release 18.2.1

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New PeopleSync Release 16.1


The new release 16.1 of PeopleSync has been released and will be delivered to maintenance customer shortly. The new version comes with PHP 5.6 support and an improved setup process. We now support netIQ eDirectory and Microsoft AD LDS as additional directories for user authentication and provisioning. This release contains the following bug fixes, features … WeiterlesenNew PeopleSync Release 16.1

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New PeopleSync Release 15.1


We are excited to announce, that today the new PeopleSync Release 15.1 has been released to the public. The new release contains several important fixes as well as new functionality. The new LDAP Agent is a free update for all maintenance customers of our Enterprise Edition. It connects to all LDAP directories, but also allows … WeiterlesenNew PeopleSync Release 15.1

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New PeopleSync Release 14.2


Today we have the pleasure to publish our brand new PeopleSync Release 14.2. The new version comes with several fixes and improvements as well as new synchronization agents. The new release is able to synchronize directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and from the Salesforce coud. CRM and ERP gets easy … WeiterlesenNew PeopleSync Release 14.2

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Where do I need to install the ExSBR Agent for Sender Based Routing?


One of the most discussed problems at our support hotline is, where to install our ExSBR transport agent to implement sender based routing in an Exchange Server organization. This question is easy to answer for most customer situations, but the answers are sometimes hard to understand. In General, we need ExSBR to be installed on … WeiterlesenWhere do I need to install the ExSBR Agent for Sender Based Routing?

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ExSBR on Exchange Server 2013 SP1


The messageconcept team always has the approach to support ExSBR on all Exchange Server versions, service packs and cumulative updates from day one. Unfortunately Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 contains a bug in several config files, which affects all 3rd party transport agents. You might get the following error message after installing the agent: … WeiterlesenExSBR on Exchange Server 2013 SP1


messageconcept Support via Skype


We offer local support hotline numbers in several countries. To support customers in countries without a local number, we have established a Skype account. You reach our qualified support engineers at the account messageconcept. The Skype account is currently reachable by voice calls only and will be forwarded to our regular English speaking hotline. Please note … Weiterlesenmessageconcept Support via Skype

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ExSBR: Support of Exchange Server 2013


One of the most frequent questions in current presales calls is the support of Exchange Server 2013 for our messageconcept ExSBR transport agent. We expect to support messageconcept ExSBR even on beta releases of Exchange Server 2013 shortly on the Hub Transport Role. We expect Microsoft to deliver the Edge Transport Role not until Exchange Server 2013 SP1. … WeiterlesenExSBR: Support of Exchange Server 2013

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New Remote Support Tool


messageconcept offers customers free support inside first 30 days after purchase. Additionally customers with an active maintenance subscription also get free support from our team. Support is available by phone and email. Beyond that we are offering the use of a remote control tool to help you to implement, configure or troubleshoot our software locally … WeiterlesenNew Remote Support Tool

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messageconcept ExSBR Routing Check Guide


The most asked questions at our support hotline regard to the success of the ExSBR routing decision. For many customers the ExSBR ruleset itself might be a little difficult to understand, for others the tracking inside Microsoft Exchange Server is too complicated. The flowchart diagram helps to drill routing issues down to the software component, … Weiterlesenmessageconcept ExSBR Routing Check Guide

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ExSBR Support of Exchange Server Hosting Scenarios


One of the most frequently asked questions at our hotline is the support of several Exchange Server hosting scenarios. We currently support all available hosting configuration of Exchange Server 2007 and 2010. Exchange Server is supported in a Hosted Messaging & Collaboration (HMC) scenario as well as in any manually configured configuration. messageconcept ExSBR runs … WeiterlesenExSBR Support of Exchange Server Hosting Scenarios

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Get a free Maintenance Extension


You are satisfied with our software product messageconcept ExSBR? Then recommend our solution to other customers and we will honor your efforts! We offer you two easy ways to earn a prolongation of up to one year for your active maintenance contract: Recommend messageconcept ExSBR to other customers. For every new customer, who refers to … WeiterlesenGet a free Maintenance Extension

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Support Hotline Numbers launched


Today we launched our international hotline numbers for all customer inquiries regarding our software products. English speaking customers reach us under the following numbers: +1 778 786 3475 +44 870 479 8657 +49 221 677 855 44 Customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are able to reach us in German language: +49 221 677 855 … WeiterlesenSupport Hotline Numbers launched