ExSBR: Support of Exchange Server 2013

One of the most frequent questions in current presales calls is the support of Exchange Server 2013 for our messageconcept ExSBR transport agent. We expect to support messageconcept ExSBR even on beta releases of Exchange Server 2013 shortly on the Hub Transport Role.

We expect Microsoft to deliver the Edge Transport Role not until Exchange Server 2013 SP1. There is currently no Edge Server planned for RTM. We encourage you to plan your deployment anyway. A mixed environment with Exchange 2007 or 2010 Edge Transport servers for an Exchange Server 2013 organization is fully supported by Microsoft as well as by messageconcept.

On Exchange Server 2013 with Mailbox Transport Role and Front End Transport Role Microsoft’s SDK will be limited. Therefore messageconcept ExSBR and most other transport agents will be most likely not supported on these new roles.

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