Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Poster

For more than a decade the Microsoft Exchange product group creates an architecture overview for Microsoft Exchange Server as a large poster. While the posters were well-known as part of the Microsoft Official Curriculum folders in the nineties of last century they got more detailed with Exchange Server 2007 and later.

Microsoft offers the posters as a free PDF download for Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2013 and distributes them as printed material on rare events like Microsoft TechEd conferences. In Germany we worked with Microsoft Deutschland GmbH to bring these posters to the desk of German Exchange Server architects. Since Exchange Server 2010 messageconcept is the proud printing sponsor of the posters in Germany. Today the printed Exchange Server 2013 finally arrived at messageconcept.

If you want to get one these posters, there is good news for you: We are giving away some of them for free and ship them directly to your business address. Please just write us an email with your full contact details (name and international shipping address) and the desired version (2010, 2013 or both). First come, first served.

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