New PeopleSync Release 17.1

The 17.1 release of PeopleSync has been released. The new release of the PeopleSync console comes with one of the most-demanded features from our customers: You are able to preview the content of PeopleSync address lists inside the console. Within the preview you can now see, which contact data has been synchronized by the agents to the particular address list. We also provide the contact data in a read-only SQL table and support the access via 3rd party systems, such as your PBX.

The release contains the following bug fixes, features and improvements:

New Features

  • [PS-29] – Caching for User Authentication and Group Membership
  • [PS-214] – Add support for non-ASCII passwords
  • [PS-215] – Show Address List Preview in Console
  • [PS-239] – LDAP Agent: UTF-8 Support for attributes
  • [PS-241] – Exchange Folder Agent: Access mailbox as non-owner
  • [PS-245] – SQL Contact Tables for Read-Only use by Third-Party Systems


  • [PS-222] – Improve PHP configuration
  • [PS-230] – Upgrade to SabreDAV 3.2
  • [PS-240] – Provide ability to disable caching
  • [PS-246] – New License Model
  • [PS-247] – Remove Public URL from System Settings

Bug Fixes

  • [PS-221] – Update to PHP 7.0.17
  • [PS-229] – Recognize Work Fax & Phone Fields
  • [PS-233] – „Report“ HTTP Request results in Server Error
  • [PS-242] – LDAP Agent: Unable to use reserved word ‚Not‘ as String
  • [PS-251] – Phone Number not formatted correctly


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