New PeopleSync CardDAV Client App for Android

Recently we have published our first app for Android in the app stores of Google and Amazon. The PeopleSync Client App is a free Android CardDAV client for businesses. The app synchronizes address lists and contacts from the messageconcept PeopleSyncserver software and other CardDAV server implementations.

The contacts will be synchronized to the default contact store on your Android device and will be accessible from the default contacts app and your favorite 3rd party apps.

The app was built for business usage and central administration through the IT staff. In a typical usage scenario the address lists to sync by a certain user are provisioned on server side. The app will always sync all address lists, available on the server. If you need more configuration options, please refer to the free or commercial alternatives from other vendors, such as DAVdroid.

On iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS10 devices CardDAV is supported by the native operating systems. The PeopleSync Client covers this gap in Android.

messageconcept peoplesync app messageconcept peoplesync app messageconcept peoplesync app