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Our software brings the phone numbers and address data of your employees, customers, partners and suppliers according to your IT policies to your smartphones, tablets and computers of your entire staff.

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By providing the centrally maintained contact data of your company at the workstations and on the mobile devices of your employees, we ensure an improved communication with customers and partners. Telephone numbers and addresses are available to every employee anywhere, anytime and on any device. The PeopleSync Server connects your existing IT systems, such as Exchange Server, Office 365, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP or Salesforce.

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messageconcept PeopleSync is the synchronization platform for your contact data. All contacts of the email systems, databases and enterprise solutions of your company are thus available on every mobile device and the work places of your employees.

Our Solutions with PeopleSync

Our software brings the phone numbers and address data of your employees, customers, partners and suppliers according to your IT policies to your smartphones, tablets and computers of your entire staff. Beside the examples here, you find more use cases for PeopleSync in the solutions section of our website.

We store your corporate address lists locally on your smartphones and tablets. That's why the phone numbers and addresses of employees, customers and suppliers are available, even without an active online connection.

By showing the names of callers instead of their caller IDs on smartphones and office phones, we optimize your phone communication. We realize that by synchronizing the contact data to your devices.

We bring your enterprise address list with all phone numbers and email addresses to your smartphones to enhance the internal communication. The addresses of your branches are available for usage in navigation systems.

To bring the comfort of your office phone system to the smartphones of your field crew, we integrate the devices of your sales force and service staff in your central IT environment to optimize the user experience.

We ensure, that your employees have access to all contact data, required for their job, on their mobile devices. If an employee leaves your company, his access to the sensitive address lists is withdrawn.

We provide all contact data of your customers and suppliers from enterprise software solutions as address lists for your office phone systems and for desktop applications, such as Microsoft Outlook.

We offer various software solutions for small and medium businesses, enterprise companies and authorities. You will find an overview of our entire solution portfolio on the next page.

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You will get full support from our product experts by email, phone and remote sessions during evaluation. You will receive PeopleSync Enterprise Edition with all synchronization agents and full functionality for 100 users.

Success Story

PeopleSync at German SCHMIDT Gruppe

SCHMIDT Gruppe is a German family-owned business and comprises of a number of individual companies, involved in business sectors such as development of modern entertainment and fitness centers, production of amusement machines and IT services. Today SCHMIDT Gruppe employs 2 000 people in total.

In 2011, SCHMIDT Gruppe has made the decision to move from a 3rd party email system to Microsoft Exchange and their mobile device platform from BlackBerry to Apple iPhone. While Microsoft ActiveSync was used to synchronize emails, calendars and contacts from Exchange mailboxes to iPhones, the Exchange Global Address Lists were only available via LDAP online queries. Sebastian Olbricht, head of IT at SCHMIDT Gruppe explains: “Users in management, expansion and sales complained that the GAL was available locally on BlackBerry devices, but not on iPhones. Therefore, Caller ID resolution and the comfort of a local corporate address book were no longer available and this happened to become a real problem.”

The solution to this problem was the software messageconcept PeopleSync. SCHMIDT Gruppe got in contact with messageconcept at an early stage of the product development and decided to implement PeopleSync as their address list synchronization solution. PeopleSync doesn’t need an app installation and works with the CardDAV standard. Therefore the implementation of this software very easy and straight forward. A 3rd party mobile device management software was used to roll out an automatic configuration profile for a new CardDAV account on all devices.

“Today PeopleSync synchronizes the GAL to more than 200 Apple iPhones and iPads in the company and we almost forgot about the software, as PeopleSync came with such a quick and easy installation and has been running hassle free ever since.”, Sebastian Olbricht says. The company is now also planning to expand the use of PeopleSync agents to other systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint.

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“We almost forgot about the software, as PeopleSync came with such a quick and easy installation and has been running hassle free ever since.”

Sebastian Olbricht

Head of IT, SCHMIDT Gruppe

Typical Industries of our PeopleSync Customers

We are the reliable partner of small and medium-sized businesses for the availability of customer contacts on the mobile devices of your field staff.

Our products are designed from scratch for the usage in global enterprises. We realize efficient operations with a high degree of automation and the optimized integration in existing system environments.

People in the construction industry and the mining sector work mostly onsite at construction sites, in project offices and close to resources. We care for an optimized inclusion of your staff and your partner companies.

In the health care sector, we enable a secure and improved communication between specialists. We ensure this even in a case of a system failure, in an emergency situation (MCI) and for mobile teams.

Software companies and IT providers benefit from the improved provisioning of additional cloud services for dedicated customers.

Our software products ExSBR and PeopleSync are used by very different customers worldwide. For our key industries, we have identified the most important solution scenarios based on our products.

Technical Information

Setup and Features


Get more information about software licensing in the dedicated FAQ of our online shop.

PeopleSync Editions

The PeopleSync Standard Edition synchronizes contacts from Active Directory and Exchange Server’s global address list as well as from Exchange contact folders und SharePoint lists. Whether they are hosted on your Server or in the Office 365 cloud, it’s all the same.

The PeopleSync Enterprise Edition supports all data sources of the Standard Edition plus additionally Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases, CRM- and ERP-systems, such as Salesforce or Microsoft CRM, as well as LDAP directory services.

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Beyond PeopleSync Product Information

In our online shop, you are able to calculate your individual product price, retrieve formal quotes and purchase licenses.

To get support from a qualified sales or support engineer please send us an email or contact us at one of our hotline numbers.

Beside PeopleSync, we also offer messageconcept ExSBR, the sender based routing add-on product for Microsoft Exchange Server.

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