New PeopleSync Release 16.2

The 16.2 release of PeopleSync has been released. The release contains the following bug fixes, features and improvements:

New Features

  • [PS-200] – Authenticate with sAMAccountName against Active Directory
  • [PS-202] – SSL Support for User Directories AD, AD LDS/ADAM, eDirectory
  • [PS-206] – Display Manager Field on iOS


  • [PS-199] – Add .net Framework 3.5 as prerequisite for Server Installer
  • [PS-208] – Alphabetic Sort Order when showing LDAP address lists in Outlook

Bug Fixes

  • [PS-172] – SharePoint Agent: No data returned from column if column name contains special characters
  • [PS-175] – SharePoint Agent: CONCAT function omits field when not in select list
  • [PS-192] – LDAP Target: Constraint Violation when VCard field violates LDAP Schema
  • [PS-201] – Users from subdomains unable to authenticate
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