Schedule Meetings on the Road with a synchronized Global Address List

Studies have shown that the number of workers who use their personal mobile devices for work when on the road is increasing at a rapid pace. Many business professionals have the need to use their mobile devices to call their colleagues even when they are on the road or traveling. For example, scheduling meetings on the road is common and requires the users to know the contact data of all his colleagues. In other words, the users must have access to the GAL at all times. The Global Address List of a company can be searched on mobile devices via Microsoft ActiveSync and LDAP. Unfortunately, this works online only. In other words, when they are on the road, they will not have access to the contact data of their colleagues.

PeopleSync synchronizes the Exchange Server GAL to your smartphones via the CardDAV standard and allows users to access the contact data even when there are no Internet access. PeopleSync is compatible with all major data sources such as:

  • Exchange Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Office 365
  • CRM systems (e.g., Salesforce or Microsoft CRM)

The data sources can be stored on premise, hosted at a service provider, or stored in the cloud, such as in Microsoft Office 365.

PeopleSync works with Apple iOS (iPhone and iPads), Microsoft Windows Phones, Google Android phones and tablets (e.g., Samsung Galaxy), and Blackberry OS 10 phones. PeopleSync also has the ability to synchronize contact data from enterprise sources to desktop phones.

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