See Who’s Calling – Names in your Missed Call Lists

In large enterprises, many people receive calls from colleagues whom they do not know of. In such cases, the receiver is not prepared to speak with the caller at the moment. In fact, without the caller ID resolution, an unidentified caller may be mistaken as a spam advertising call or simply as someone who has dialed the wrong number. PeopleSync brings pictures of the caller to the phones and the receiver will be able to know who the caller is.

The Global Address List of a company can be accessed on mobile devices via Microsoft ActiveSync and LDAP. However, this requires an Internet connection, which is not always available especially when traveling on the road. PeopleSync synchronizes the enterprise Global Address List to the user’s mobile devices via the CardDAV standard, and does not require Internet access to be functional. Therefore, anywhere and anytime, the workers’ mobile devices are able to resolve the Caller IDs, allowing the receiver to know who is calling. As a result, the receiver can be more prepared to answer the call.
PeopleSync is able to synchronize data from enterprises data sources, such as:

  • Exchange Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Office 365
  • CRM systems (e.g, Salesforce and Microsoft CRM)

The data sources can be stored on premise, hosted by a service provider, or stored in the cloud, such as in Microsoft Office 365.

The software is compatible with all major mobile devices and work desktop phones, such as Apple iOS (iPhones and iPads), Microsoft Windows Phones, Google Android phones and tablets (e.g., Samsung Galaxy), and Blackberry OS 10 phones.

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