Use Customer Addresses from your CRM Systems in Navigation Apps

Sales representatives in enterprises have the need to constantly been in contact with their valued customers. This often includes visiting the work or residential premises of the clients. For example, insurance salesmen sometimes would require going to the clients’ premises for appointments. PeopleSync synchronizes addresses and phone numbers from the corporate database, such as the contact data of the CRM systems, to the sales representative’s mobile devices. If a sales representative has the need to visit the client at the client’s premise, he or she can easily type in the name of the customer in popular navigation apps, such as Google Maps or TomTom, and instantly locate the client’s location. As a result, sales representative will never be late to a client appointment again.

PeopleSync synchronizes the enterprise contact database, which includes the addresses, to the user’s mobile devices. The software is compatible with major enterprise sources, such as:

  • Exchange Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Office 365
  • CRM systems (e.g., Salesforce and Microsoft CRM)

The data sources can be stored on premise, hosted at a service provider, or stored in the cloud, such as in Microsoft Office 365.

PeopleSync uses the CardDAV standard as its synchronization protocol for mobile devices. Therefore, it is compatible with all major mobile devices and tablets, such as Apple iOS (iPhones and iPads), Microsoft Windows Phones, Google Android phones and tablet (e.g., Samsung), and Blackberry OS 10 phones. It is also compatible with office desktop phones.

peoplesync use customer addresses in navigation apps peoplesync use customer addresses in navigation apps peoplesync use customer addresses in navigation apps