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messageconcept Software Products

messageconcept is an independent software vendor focusing on add-on solutions for Active Directory, Windows Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Office. The common aim of all products is a higher efficiency of Microsoft infrastructures.

Our first product is messageconcept ExSBR – Sender Based Routing for Exchange Server, a transport agent for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 2010 and 2013. The product has been released in 2008 and has been taken over by messageconcept in June 2010 within the scope of a management buy-out.

Beyond ExSBR messageconcept developed a solution to bring enterprise data to mobile devices. The product messageconcept PeopleSync targets directories and databases of all kinds and works with all major mobile device platforms.

messageconcept Software Marketing

Beyond development of own products messageconcept supports system integrators and other ICT providers in marketing and go-to-market of their software products. messageconcept and its partner network will build sellable software products from your individual customer solutions including marketing material, product websites, end user licensing agreements etc.

After go-to-market in our software online shop, we will provide sales support and technical support to your customers all over the world. You will profit from our product management experience and our proven software eco system.

Get in contact with us to discuss the possibilities of creating a market for your product ideas.

Christoph Schmidt, CEO and Founder

Christoph Schmidt

Christoph Schmidt, CEO and founder of messageconcept, has a strong background in consulting, software development, marketing and product management. Christoph founded messageconcept within the scope of a management-buyout in 2010.

He has held various positions within the IT industry over the past two decades. Before founding messageconcept, Christoph worked as a Director for more than three years, responsible for Microsoft focused consulting and development services, at a top five systems integrator in Germany. He served for ten years as a senior consultant, trainer and team manager with a focus on Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Server at two leading consulting companies. Before that Christoph worked for seven years as a software developer for business applications at an ISV and at one of the largest German banking institutions.

Christoph studied Business Information Technology at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Karlsruhe and holds several professional certifications. His work was honored with two awards by Microsoft Germany. He served as a member of the Microsoft Partner Quality Board and the Microsoft Business Sales Circle and joined the Microsoft InnerCircle for Messaging and Office 365 in 2000.

Sebastian Eberhard, CTO and Founder

Sebastian Eberhard

messageconcept’s CTO Sebastian Eberhard founded our sister company asteria GmbH in 2010. The company focuses on consulting services for European enterprises. The development of PeopleSync was the start for asteria and messageconcept to bind their forces in their 50/50 joined venture messageconcept software GmbH.

Sebastian works in the German IT services industry since the beginning of the century. Before funding his first company, he worked as a senior consultant and project manager for a decade at leading German systems integrators. He focused on Microsoft systems management and directory services. He has been the software architect for several successful software products and author of books about XML and SOA.

Sebastian studied at Heidelberg University and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and got his diploma in Business Information Technology at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Karlsruhe. After that he finalized his MBA at University of Warwick. Sebastian holds several professional certifications. He has been invited by Microsoft Germany to be a member of the Microsoft Infrastructure InnerCircle in 2008.

Business Partners

messageconcept cooperates closely with Microsoft and other business partners. Our employees are holding over twenty Microsoft certifications to verify their qualifications. Therefore messageconcept earned several partner certifications.

microsoft partner network microsoft partner network microsoft partner network

messageconcept is a convinced Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Independent Software Vendor. We focus on add-on software solutions for the Microsoft platform and develop our products in Microsoft .NET exclusively.

microsoft bizspark microsoft bizspark microsoft bizspark

As a Microsoft BizSpark Partner, messageconcept receives a great amount of support in business and technical matters. We are able to profit from the benefits of the Microsoft BizSpark Connect Network and have access to many ressources provided by Microsoft and its partners.

microsoft online services microsoft online services microsoft online services

With a strong background in transition and integration services and in the development of migration tools, messageconcept qualified as a Microsoft Cloud Essentials Partner. We support customers and system integrators in their moves to the cloud.

microsoft innercircle microsoft innercircle microsoft innercircle

Our founders were appointed to be members of the German Microsoft Messaging and Infrastructure InnerCircles. As an IC Partner, we are able to have an early view on upcoming Microsoft products and, therefore, can adapt our solutions to new Microsoft product versions very quickly.

asteria consulting logo asteria consulting logo asteria consulting logo

asteria GmbH focuses on IT and management consulting services for European enterprise customers. The messageconcept team is working with the consultants of asteria since 2001. asteria is messageconcept’s partner in the joined subsidiary messageconcept software GmbH.

cleverbridge logo cleverbridge logo cleverbridge logo

cleverbridge AG is headquartered in Cologne, Germany and Chicago, Illinois. Our global distribution partner operates the messageconcept software shop and will be your supplier in a software purchase.