Our Software Solutions in Your Industry

Our software products ExSBR and PeopleSync are used by very different customers worldwide. For our key industries, we have identified the most important solution scenarios based on our products.

We are the reliable partner of small and medium-sized businesses for the improved company-wide application of Microsoft messaging systems and the availability of customer contacts on the mobile devices of your field staff.

Our products are designed from scratch for the usage in global enterprises. We realize efficient operations with a high degree of automation and the optimized integration in existing system environments.

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People in the construction industry and the mining sector work mostly onsite at construction sites, in project offices and close to resources. We care for an optimized inclusion of your staff and your partner companies.

In the chemical industry and in pharmaceutical companies, we help to fulfill compliance requirements and enhance the communication with customers for your inside sales and field staff.

In the financial sector, we ensure the fulfillment of corporate and legal compliance policies for internal and external email traffic as well as for the secure deployment of contact data on mobile devices.

Many tax consultancy and law firms cooperate with a global association of international partners. We enable the message delivery from the association’s email addresses and the controlled access to address books of other partners.

The staff of logistics companies and public transport operators is always on the move. We integrate your people as well as your partner companies in your central IT systems for optimized corporate processes.

We care for an improved embedding of the sales force, the field staff and the partner companies of trading firms and services businesses to their corporate IT.

In the health care sector, we enable a secure and improved communication between specialists. We ensure this even in a case of a system failure, in an emergency situation (MCI) and for mobile teams.

Software companies and IT providers benefit from our multi-tenancy solutions in Microsoft messaging systems and the improved provisioning of additional cloud services for dedicated customers.

In the media and advertising sector we care for a better integration of freelancers and partners and also connect your Apple computers to the communication systems of your company.

Manufacturing companies work under global competition and high pressure for innovation and cost efficiency. We optimize the communication and ensure, that it will be protected against third party leaks.

In research and education, permanent employees work together with visiting teachers, students and many other scientists. We connect the systems of various platforms and institutions and improve the communication on the campus.

Our software assures the fulfillment of legal requirements in the email exchange between authorities and government agencies via closed networks. We also care for a secure deployment of contact data.

We support business process outsourcing companies with an optimized connection of their messaging systems, phone systems and CRM solutions to the data and systems of their customers.

For energy and public utility companies we care for the secure transport of confidential messages as well as a better integration of the partners and the field staff into the centralized IT and phone systems.

Non-profit organizations are on duty in many locations and achieve a lot for our society. With our software solutions, we support the integration of local chapters, employees and volunteers in charitable businesses.

Our Software Solutions

Our software products ExSBR and PeopleSync are used by very different customers worldwide. For our key industries, we have identified the most important solution scenarios based on our products.

We extend your Exchange Server with an intelligent ruleset to support flexible possibilities to influence the route of your emails to the Internet or to partner organizations in dependence of the sender.

Our software brings the phone numbers and address data of your employees, customers, partners and suppliers according to your IT policies to your smartphones, tablets and computers of your entire staff.

We offer various software solutions for small and medium businesses, enterprise companies and authorities. You will find an overview of our entire solution portfolio on the next page.