Mail Compliance Policy Enforcement

This Solution in Detail

If your corporate compliance policies require the inspection of certain messages, we ensure, that even internal emails of your Microsoft messaging system will be scanned by your compliance gateway.

message routing compliance policies message routing compliance policies message routing compliance policies

Our software ExSBR forwards even internal messages between your employees to your compliance gateway according to a rule set you have defined. After checking the fulfillment of your compliance policies on the gateway, the emails will be send back to your messaging system and delivered to the recipient. In the event of a violation of your rules, the gateway may refuse to deliver the message and log the incident.

messageconcept ExSBR is an add-on product for Microsoft Exchange Server. Our software extends the possibilities of your email system with a flexible message routing. ExSBR solves your requirements in the areas compliance and multi-tenancy.

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We extend your Exchange Server with an intelligent ruleset to support flexible possibilities to influence the route of your emails to the Internet or to partner organizations in dependence of the sender.

Our software brings the phone numbers and address data of your employees, customers, partners and suppliers according to your IT policies to your smartphones, tablets and computers of your entire staff.

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