Our Softwarein the Health Care Sector

Our Softwarein the Health Care Sector

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In the health care sector, we enable a secure and improved communication between specialists. We ensure this even in a case of a system failure, in an emergency situation (MCI) and for mobile teams.

Our Solutions for Your Industry

In a total outage of your IT infrastructure, we keep the communication abilities of your entire staff alive by providing offline access to the required contact data to the mobile devices of all employees.

If your corporate compliance policies require the inspection of certain messages, we ensure, that even internal emails of your Microsoft messaging system will be scanned by your compliance gateway.

If you act in the name of an affiliated enterprise or a partner company, we enable you to send emails from your Microsoft messaging system with a reply address of your enterprise group or partner organization.

Many organizations encrypt a part of their email traffic with external partners. We take care, that all messages, which should get encrypted according to your policies, will be routed to your encryption system.

We ensure, that your employees have access to all contact data, required for their job, on their mobile devices. If an employee leaves your company, his access to the sensitive address lists is withdrawn.

By showing the names of callers instead of their caller IDs on smartphones and office phones, we optimize your phone communication. We realize that by synchronizing the contact data to your devices.

In many countries, it is mandatory to sign certain emails to authorities or business partners with an official electronic signature. We forward these messages via certified providers to the recipients.

We bring your enterprise address list with all phone numbers and email addresses to your smartphones to enhance the internal communication. The addresses of your branches are available for usage in navigation systems.