Address List Access in Case of Emergency

This Solution in Detail

In a total outage of your IT infrastructure, we keep the communication abilities of your entire staff alive by providing offline access to the required contact data to the mobile devices of all employees.

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Our software PeopleSync stores your enterprise contact information on your mobile devices. Data synchronization occurs when the smartphones and tablets have access to your infrastructure through your corporate network or mobile data network. The local provision of the enterprise address book on the devices thus ensures the workability of your company even in the event of a failure of your data centers and cloud services.

messageconcept PeopleSync is the synchronization platform for your contact data. All contacts of the email systems, databases and enterprise solutions of your company are thus available on every mobile device and the work places of your employees.

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We extend your Exchange Server with an intelligent ruleset to support flexible possibilities to influence the route of your emails to the Internet or to partner organizations in dependence of the sender.

Our software brings the phone numbers and address data of your employees, customers, partners and suppliers according to your IT policies to your smartphones, tablets and computers of your entire staff.

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