peoplesync your mobile corporate phone book

Your Mobile Corporate Phone Book with PeopleSync


Have you ever been asked to provide the work or mobile number of a colleague of yours to someone, and yet you did not know and had no access to it? This problem will be instantly solved with the implementation of PeopleSync. PeopleSync synchronizes the enterprise’s Global Address Lists to the workers’ mobile devices via … Read more

peoplesync use customer addresses in navigation apps

Use Customer Addresses from your CRM Systems in Navigation Apps


Sales representatives in enterprises have the need to constantly been in contact with their valued customers. This often includes visiting the work or residential premises of the clients. For example, insurance salesmen sometimes would require going to the clients’ premises for appointments. PeopleSync synchronizes addresses and phone numbers from the corporate database, such as the … Read more

peoplesync synchronizing enterprise address lists to mac os

Synchronizing Enterprise Address Lists to the Apple Mac OS Address Book


The Apple Mac OS operating system comes with the Apple Mail, Address Book and Calendar applications. These programs are used by many companies for email and collaboration. Apple provides a synchronization of emails, contacts and appointments from the personal mailboxes of the users to the applications, but lacks of the synchronization of the Exchange Server … Read more

peoplesync see whos calling

See Who’s Calling – Names in your Missed Call Lists


In large enterprises, many people receive calls from colleagues whom they do not know of. In such cases, the receiver is not prepared to speak with the caller at the moment. In fact, without the caller ID resolution, an unidentified caller may be mistaken as a spam advertising call or simply as someone who has … Read more