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Customer Feedback about ExSBR’s Performance and Scalability


Today we received an awesome email from a very satisfied customer: I just wanted to follow up with your company on our purchase of your ExSBR Software. We rolled your software into our production environment last night, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. The Submission Q problems we were experiencing with [another … Read more

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messageconcept ExSBR Licensing for Cloud Providers


Hosting providers and managed service providers offer their clients Exchange Server mailboxes as monthly subscriptions. To match these requirement, messageconcept now offers a new license program, the Cloud Provider Licensing Agreement (CPLA). Our CPLA is a montly licensing and maintenance subscription program, similar to Microsoft’s SPLA program. Providers are able to start and cancel the … Read more

messageconcept cloud solutions

Config Panel Integration of messageconcept ExSBR for Hosting Providers


Our Sender Based Routing Agent messageconcept ExSBR is often used by providers to route emails by sender or tenant. Most managed service providers require their customers to open a service request to implement routing changes. But ISPs often use the full scripting ability of our software. ExSBR integrates smoothly into the Microsoft platform by using … Read more

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Multitenancy with ExSBR in active logistics’ Data Center


Our customer active logistics is the European market leader vertical software solutions for the logistics market. Their software builds and controls logistic chains and organizes large cargo networks. They operate two independent data centers, close to the headquarters and central hubs of several cargo networks in Niederaula in the heart of Germany. In late 2008 active logistics’ … Read more