PeopleSync App for Android

The PeopleSync Client app is a free Android CardDAV client for businesses. The app synchronizes address lists and contacts from the messageconcept PeopleSync server software and other CardDAV server implementations.


The contacts will be synchronized to the default contact store on your Android device and will be accessible from the default contacts app and your favorite 3rd party apps.


The app was built for business usage and central administration through the IT staff. In a typical usage scenario the address lists to sync by a certain user are provisioned on server side. The app will always sync all address lists, available on the server. If you need more configuration options, please refer to the free or commercial alternatives from other vendors, such as DAVdroid.


On iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS10 devices CardDAV is supported by the native operating systems. The PeopleSync Client covers this gap in Android.

The PeopleSync App

These are the most important buttons in the app:

Automatically adds PeopleSync accounts for all existing mail accounts on the device. The default server config is set by your systems administrator. This function requires a PeopleSync server.
Adds a new PeopleSync account. You are able to retrieve the default settings for your email address, if you configure a PeopleSync server. Alternatively, you can enter manual settings for account.
Removes the current PeopleSync account settings from your device.
Resets server config to the default settings for your PeopleSync server. The default settings are set by your systems administrator. This function requires a PeopleSync server.
Closes the dialog with saving your changes.
Cancels the dialog and discards your changes.

Please note: If you use CyanogenMod, "Privacy Guard" must be disabled for the PeopleSync App. Otherwise, the app would not be allowed to access and synchronize your contacts and events.

Technical Support

Please contact us via  @messageconcept in Twitter, if you have questions regarding our app. Support by phone and email will be provided to customers of our PeopleSync server software. Please be so kind to accept this policy, as we provide the app free of charge.


The PeopleSync Client App is licensed under the GPLv3 License. Please find the source code as well as a link to the license conditions in GitHub.

The PeopleSync Server

messageconcept PeopleSync is the synchronization platform for your contact data. All contacts of the email systems, databases and enterprise solutions of your company are thus available on every mobile device and the work places of your employees.

Our software brings the phone numbers and address data of your employees, customers, partners and suppliers according to your IT policies to your smartphones, tablets and computers of your entire staff.