Integration of External Mailboxes

This Solution in Detail

Especially in small businesses, it is a common procedure, to use mailboxes of freemail vendors or Internet providers for business purpose. We integrate these mailboxes in your Microsoft messaging system.

message routing external mailboxes message routing external mailboxes message routing external mailboxes

Mailboxes from your website provider or other external providers are usually only accessible via the Internet protocols POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP or a restricted web portal. However, if you use the mailboxes on your own Exchange Server, you get the full comfort of your Microsoft email system. We enable this by redirecting your outgoing messages via the responsible server of your provider and thus avoid problems in e-mail delivery.

messageconcept ExSBR is an add-on product for Microsoft Exchange Server. Our software extends the possibilities of your email system with a flexible message routing. ExSBR solves your requirements in the areas compliance and multi-tenancy.