10 Years ExSBR Software


We celebrate the 10th anniversary of our software ExSBR. Exactly 10 years ago today, the product was first installed at a customer site. The development of our transport agent in 2008 was at that time due to the problem of sending the messages of a single customer in a hosted Exchange environment via a separate … Read more10 Years ExSBR Software

messageconcept Privacy Solutions for GDPR Compliance


messageconcept supports companies and authorities to reach compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for contacts management and email exchange. Our software solutions PeopleSync and ExSBR will help you to gain control over the storage, protection and erasure of sensitive data and might play an important role in your efforts to protect the … Read moremessageconcept Privacy Solutions for GDPR Compliance

message routing encryption policies

Email authentication via DKIM in Exchange Server with ExSBR


DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication method designed to detect email spoofing. It allows the receiver to check that an email claimed to have come from a specific domain was indeed authorized by the owner of that domain. The two main components of DKIM are cryptography and DNS. DNS is used to publish … Read moreEmail authentication via DKIM in Exchange Server with ExSBR

messageconcept exsbr software

Updates for ExSBR 4


Within the last months, we fixed several issues with ExSBR 4 and have released the following bug fixes: [EX-35] – Remove limitation for more than thousand send connectors [EX-36] – Do not count virtual servers for licensing [EX-38] – Problem in Edge Server licensing [EX-55] – Problem with loop detection [EX-56] – Routing problems with … Read moreUpdates for ExSBR 4

messageconcept exsbr software

New ExSBR Release 4


It has been a while since the last major update, but the new version of messageconcept ExSBR comes with many new features and two entirely new routing types. The new Transport Rule Routing allows complex routing scenarios by integrating with the huge capabilities of the Microsoft Exchange Transport Rules. You are able to execute a routing decision … Read moreNew ExSBR Release 4

messageconcept exsbr licensing per server

Where do I need to install the ExSBR Agent for Sender Based Routing?


One of the most discussed problems at our support hotline is, where to install our ExSBR transport agent to implement sender based routing in an Exchange Server organization. This question is easy to answer for most customer situations, but the answers are sometimes hard to understand. In General, we need ExSBR to be installed on … Read moreWhere do I need to install the ExSBR Agent for Sender Based Routing?

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Microsoft recalls Exchange Server 2010 SP3 RU8


Microsoft released several updates for Exchange Server this week. The RU8 for Exchange Server 2010 has a serious connection issue with Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft writes in The Exchange Team Blog: “An issue has been identified in the Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8. The update has been recalled and is no longer available on the … Read moreMicrosoft recalls Exchange Server 2010 SP3 RU8

exsbr email routing solution compliance policies

Compliance Routing for Exchange Server with messageconcept ExSBR


Many companies and authorities need to fulfill a complex compliance rule set. They use secure email gateways to apply the policy between their internal email systems and external networks, such as the Internet. Typical vendors for secure email gateways are: Barracuda Cisco Clearswift FireEye McAfee Microsoft Mimecast Proofpoint Sophos Symantec Trend Micro Websense Some of … Read moreCompliance Routing for Exchange Server with messageconcept ExSBR

exsbr email routing solution external mailboxes

ExSBR and shared address spaces in Microsoft Exchange Server (split domain scenarios)


If some recipients of a specific SMTP domain are hosted on your Exchange Server and others are hosted on another (external) system, you are sharing an SMTP address space between different email servers. A good example for the shared address space scenario is the hosting of free email addresses (Gmail, GMX…) in Exchange Server. For … Read moreExSBR and shared address spaces in Microsoft Exchange Server (split domain scenarios)

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messageconcept exhibits at Microsoft TechEd 2014


We are excited to announce that messageconcept will participate as an exhibitor at the Microsoft TechEd North America 2014. We will showcase our software solutions and launch our new product messageconcept PeopleSync. We look forward to meeting you at our exhibition booth on May 12-15, 2014. The address list server messageconcept PeopleSync synchronizes your address books … Read moremessageconcept exhibits at Microsoft TechEd 2014

messageconcept exsbr software

ExSBR on Exchange Server 2013 SP1


The messageconcept team always has the approach to support ExSBR on all Exchange Server versions, service packs and cumulative updates from day one. Unfortunately Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 contains a bug in several config files, which affects all 3rd party transport agents. You might get the following error message after installing the agent: … Read moreExSBR on Exchange Server 2013 SP1

messageconcept exsbr software

Customer Feedback about ExSBR’s Performance and Scalability


Today we received an awesome email from a very satisfied customer: I just wanted to follow up with your company on our purchase of your ExSBR Software. We rolled your software into our production environment last night, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. The Submission Q problems we were experiencing with [another … Read moreCustomer Feedback about ExSBR’s Performance and Scalability

messageconcept exchange server posters

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Poster


For more than a decade the Microsoft Exchange product group creates an architecture overview for Microsoft Exchange Server as a large poster. While the posters were well-known as part of the Microsoft Official Curriculum folders in the nineties of last century they got more detailed with Exchange Server 2007 and later. Microsoft offers the posters … Read moreMicrosoft Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Poster


messageconcept Support via Skype


We offer local support hotline numbers in several countries. To support customers in countries without a local number, we have established a Skype account. You reach our qualified support engineers at the account messageconcept. The Skype account is currently reachable by voice calls only and will be forwarded to our regular English speaking hotline. Please note … Read moremessageconcept Support via Skype

messageconcept exsbr software

ExSBR: Support of Exchange Server 2013


One of the most frequent questions in current presales calls is the support of Exchange Server 2013 for our messageconcept ExSBR transport agent. We expect to support messageconcept ExSBR even on beta releases of Exchange Server 2013 shortly on the Hub Transport Role. We expect Microsoft to deliver the Edge Transport Role not until Exchange Server 2013 SP1. … Read moreExSBR: Support of Exchange Server 2013

microsoft partner network

messageconcept at Microsoft Conferences in Summer 2012


Do you want to meet members of the messageconcept team in real life? Or do you have questions regarding our products and services? We will be available for you at the following conferences this summer: Microsoft TechEd North America 2012 in Orlando, Florida Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 in Toronto, Canada To get in contact with us, … Read moremessageconcept at Microsoft Conferences in Summer 2012

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New Remote Support Tool


messageconcept offers customers free support inside first 30 days after purchase. Additionally customers with an active maintenance subscription also get free support from our team. Support is available by phone and email. Beyond that we are offering the use of a remote control tool to help you to implement, configure or troubleshoot our software locally … Read moreNew Remote Support Tool

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Send us your Product Suggestions


Customers are the best source of market needs for us. Many features of our routing agent messageconcept ExSBR are based on customer feedback. Group routing, edge server support or routing of inbound emails are just a few examples. Further often requested features are currently under development. We encourage you to contact our support team directly, … Read moreSend us your Product Suggestions

messageconcept cloud solutions

messageconcept ExSBR Licensing for Cloud Providers


Hosting providers and managed service providers offer their clients Exchange Server mailboxes as monthly subscriptions. To match these requirement, messageconcept now offers a new license program, the Cloud Provider Licensing Agreement (CPLA). Our CPLA is a montly licensing and maintenance subscription program, similar to Microsoft’s SPLA program. Providers are able to start and cancel the … Read moremessageconcept ExSBR Licensing for Cloud Providers

messageconcept exsbr software

messageconcept ExSBR 3.02 Release


A new version of our software messageconcept ExSBR has been released. The new version is able to route inbound and internal mail to a specific smarthost. The functionality will be controlled by a registry key per transport server. The new version will be provided to all maintenance customers on request only. There is no need … Read moremessageconcept ExSBR 3.02 Release

messageconcept exsbr software

messageconcept ExSBR Routing Check Guide


The most asked questions at our support hotline regard to the success of the ExSBR routing decision. For many customers the ExSBR ruleset itself might be a little difficult to understand, for others the tracking inside Microsoft Exchange Server is too complicated. The flowchart diagram helps to drill routing issues down to the software component, … Read moremessageconcept ExSBR Routing Check Guide

messageconcept cloud solutions

Config Panel Integration of messageconcept ExSBR for Hosting Providers


Our Sender Based Routing Agent messageconcept ExSBR is often used by providers to route emails by sender or tenant. Most managed service providers require their customers to open a service request to implement routing changes. But ISPs often use the full scripting ability of our software. ExSBR integrates smoothly into the Microsoft platform by using … Read moreConfig Panel Integration of messageconcept ExSBR for Hosting Providers

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Integration of external Email Accounts in Microsoft Exchange Server


If you operate a corporate Exchange Server with a dedicated SMTP domain only, you might not require Sender Based Routing. The challenge begins, if you need to integrate a secondary domain, which is not exclusively hosted in your Exchange Server organization. What are typical scenarios for this situation? Most small businesses started with one corporate email account … Read moreIntegration of external Email Accounts in Microsoft Exchange Server

messageconcept online shop

Relaunch of our Software Online Shop


Our global e-commerce partner relaunched our online shop today. The shop matches our corporate design now. All notification emails, quotes, invoices and other documents from cleverbridge will be co-branded with our company logo. The new design creates a better user experience for our customers.

messageconcept exsbr software

messageconcept ExSBR 3.01 Release


A new version of our software messageconcept ExSBR has been released today. The new version now detects disabled SMTP connectors and contains a better compatibility to ExSBR running on Exchange Server 2010 with the Edge Transport Role. We included further internal improvements based on customer feedback. Additonally the manual has been rewritten from scratch. The … Read moremessageconcept ExSBR 3.01 Release

messageconcept cloud solutions

ExSBR Support of Exchange Server Hosting Scenarios


One of the most frequently asked questions at our hotline is the support of several Exchange Server hosting scenarios. We currently support all available hosting configuration of Exchange Server 2007 and 2010. Exchange Server is supported in a Hosted Messaging & Collaboration (HMC) scenario as well as in any manually configured configuration. messageconcept ExSBR runs … Read moreExSBR Support of Exchange Server Hosting Scenarios

messageconcept online shop

Relaunch of messageconcept.net


Today our website was transferred to a new technical platform. The old site was available in English only. We launched a German website today to address our home market in it’s own language. We might think about light versions of our site in further languages in the future, but will currently not extend the current state. With … Read moreRelaunch of messageconcept.net

exsbr email routing solution closed networks

Email Routing in Exchange Server for GCSX and PSN in UK Local Government


To match the requirements of UK Government Connect Code of Connection certain mails between authorities have to be sent using the Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSx) or the Public Services Network (PSN), closed networks, operated by the UK Government. So two types of mails have to be distinguished regarding their mail transport: For mails from … Read moreEmail Routing in Exchange Server for GCSX and PSN in UK Local Government

messageconcept steel construction

New messageconcept Website


An entire new version of the messageconcept Website has been released today. We now provide more information about our company and our software products. We are very thankful for the support of our design partner, headed by Dipl.-Designer Christof Kessemeier. We are excited to announce the basic integration of our online shop system into the … Read moreNew messageconcept Website

messageconcept support services

Get a free Maintenance Extension


You are satisfied with our software product messageconcept ExSBR? Then recommend our solution to other customers and we will honor your efforts! We offer you two easy ways to earn a prolongation of up to one year for your active maintenance contract: Recommend messageconcept ExSBR to other customers. For every new customer, who refers to … Read moreGet a free Maintenance Extension

messageconcept exsbr software

messageconcept ExSBR receives Microsoft Platform Ready Certification


To acknowledge the compatibility of our Sender Based Routing Agent messageconcept ExSBR to Microsoft’s software platform, we decided to validate the compatibility with Microsoft. Today we proudly announce, that ExSBR has passed the Microsoft Platform Ready certification for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Exchange Server 2010 on July, 30th 2010. The certification shows our dedication to the … Read moremessageconcept ExSBR receives Microsoft Platform Ready Certification

messageconcept support services

Support Hotline Numbers launched


Today we launched our international hotline numbers for all customer inquiries regarding our software products. English speaking customers reach us under the following numbers: +1 778 786 3475 +44 870 479 8657 +49 221 677 855 44 Customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are able to reach us in German language: +49 221 677 855 … Read moreSupport Hotline Numbers launched

messageconcept online shop

New global Distribution Partner: cleverbridge AG


messageconcept signed a global online distribution agreement with cleverbridge AG of Cologne, Germany and Chicago, Illinois. cleverbridge already drives the e-commerce of clients worldwide with their flexible e-commerce platform. cleverbridge will help us to focus on developing great products while reaching vast markets, reducing operational costs and increasing online sales. Our new distribution partner will create and … Read moreNew global Distribution Partner: cleverbridge AG

messageconcept microsoft partner

messageconcept becomes a Microsoft Partner


messageconcept is a convinced Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Independent Software Vendor. We focus on add-on software solutions for the Microsoft platform and develop our products in Microsoft .NET exclusively. As a Microsoft BizSpark Partner messageconcept gets a huge level of support in business and technical matters. We are able to profit from the benefits … Read moremessageconcept becomes a Microsoft Partner

messageconcept berlin reichstag windows

messageconcept is going live


Today our new company messageconcept GmbH is going live. After developing tools for the Microsoft platform for more than a decade, we completed a management-buy-out last month. You can contact our technical and presales support by email info [at] messageconcept [dot] com. Our phone number +49 221 677855 0 should be reachable later this day. Local numbers in … Read moremessageconcept is going live

exsbr logo 2010

messageconcept acquires Exchange Server Add-On Product


Before founding messageconcept the entire team of our new company was employed by the consulting service subsidiary of an Top 5 independent systems integrator in Germany. Today we are excited to announce the management-buy-out of the Exchange Server add-on business of our former employer. messageconcept acquired all rights to the software ExSBR, the sender based … Read moremessageconcept acquires Exchange Server Add-On Product

exsbr logo 2010

ExSBR goes international


On the 5th of August 2009, we delivered the first ExSBR copy to an international client. The software has been installed in a multi-tenant Exchange Server organization in the United States. Several tenants of our new client had special routing requirements. ExSBR solved them in the twinkling of an eye. For us, this has been … Read moreExSBR goes international

active logistics michael otto

Multitenancy with ExSBR in active logistics’ Data Center


Our customer active logistics is the European market leader vertical software solutions for the logistics market. Their software builds and controls logistic chains and organizes large cargo networks. They operate two independent data centers, close to the headquarters and central hubs of several cargo networks in Niederaula in the heart of Germany. In late 2008 active logistics’ … Read moreMultitenancy with ExSBR in active logistics’ Data Center

exsbr logo 2010

First successful ExSBR installation


On the 18th of December 2008, our team installed the very first release of the sender based routing agent ExSBR at the first client. The client has been an IT provider with international customers in their multi-tenant environment. As some customers of our client had special requirements for their outbound emails, we decided to develop … Read moreFirst successful ExSBR installation