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Relaunch of


messageconcept relaunched its website today. The new site is in responsive design to support all devices from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers with high resolutions. We use the width of Full HD screens for pictures and explainer scribbles as well as for a multi-column layout. Our team started from scratch and identified our main … Read moreRelaunch of

relaunch website messageconcept

Final spurt for relaunch


Our communication team currently works hard on the relaunch of our website. Our web developer Jonas wanted to get a more mobile device friendly site. And the most important aim of our designer Carolin has been a less technical language. The project is the first step into our new communication strategy. The launch of the website … Read moreFinal spurt for relaunch

peoplesync youre a crm vendor and need to go mobile

You’re a CRM Vendor and need to go Mobile?


Are you a CRM vendor that is considering the option of bringing the data from the CRM system to the user’s mobile device? Perhaps your customers require access to their contact database on their mobile devices while being on the road. Instead of spending money and time on developing apps that does this task, it … Read moreYou’re a CRM Vendor and need to go Mobile?