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New PeopleSync Release 16.1

The new release 16.1 of PeopleSync has been released and will be delivered to maintenance customer shortly. The new version comes with PHP 5.6 support and an improved setup process. We now support netIQ eDirectory and Microsoft AD LDS as additional directories for user authentication and provisioning. This release contains the following bug fixes, features and improvements:

New Features

  • [PS-151] – Update to PHP 5.6
  • [PS-159] – Additional User Directories: netIQ eDirectory and Microsoft AD LDS
  • [PS-162] – User-specific Console Configuration
  • [PS-163] – Simplified PeopleSync Server Installation
  • [PS-119] – PeopleSync Encryption Check on Console start


  • [PS-107] – Remove bloat from database
  • [PS-155] – Improve error messages for agents
  • [PS-164] – AD Agent: Show object details in Notes field, including group members
  • [PS-165] – AD Agent: Export groups as contacts
  • [PS-166] – AD Agent: Manager shows as “displayName”, not “Firstname Lastname”
  • [PS-169] – Use DisplayName field when no Surname or Given Name exists

Bug Fixes

  • [PS-103] – System Settings: Email settings not verified
  • [PS-126] – Apple iOS9 Bug 22798559: NOTES field does not work with CardDAV accounts
  • [PS-140] – User groups not enumerated completely
  • [PS-156] – Unable to parse lastmodified Date

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