10 Years ExSBR Software

We celebrate the 10th anniversary of our software ExSBR. Exactly 10 years ago today, the product was first installed at a customer site. The development of our transport agent in 2008 was at that time due to the problem of sending the messages of a single customer in a hosted Exchange environment via a separate route to the Internet. Out of the project, ExSBR was later developed and launched as a product. From the beginning, ExSBR was distributed internationally.

As part of a management buy-out, the software was acquired by messageconcept GmbH in 2010 and has been continuously further developed ever since. Among other things, an integration with the transport rules of Exchange Server could be provided. In the Enterprise Edition, ExSBR also supports routing between Exchange-internal tenants via external gateways for checking content security or adding e-mail signatures.

We thank all customers and partners who have accompanied us on our way in the last 10 years and are already looking forward to the upcoming ExSBR Version 5.

messageconcept-ExSBR-10-Years messageconcept-ExSBR-10-Years messageconcept-ExSBR-10-Years