Exchange Server Global Address List Synchronization to Smartphones

Exchange Server Global Address List synchronization to smartphones Microsoft Exchange Server provides all internal mailbox users in a Global Address List (GAL) on the mail server. The GAL is available in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web App. It is generated from Active Directory and includes the mailbox-enabled and mail-enabled users and contacts as well as mail-enabled distribution groups and security groups. The Global Address List can be searched on mobile devices via Microsoft ActiveSync and LDAP. Unfortunately this works online only. An offline synchronization of the GAL is not available by default. As a result, mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, are not able to resolve caller IDs on the device.

messageconcept PeopleSync does synchronize the Exchange Server GAL to your smartphones via the CardDAV standard. It works with all major mobile device platforms, such as Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad), Microsoft Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS 10 and Google Android (e.g. Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets). For Android, messageconcept provides an auto-configuring app to synchronize the contacts, the other platforms support CardDAV and PeopleSync by default.

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