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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Poster


For more than a decade the Microsoft Exchange product group creates an architecture overview for Microsoft Exchange Server as a large poster. While the posters were well-known as part of the Microsoft Official Curriculum folders in the nineties of last century they got more detailed with Exchange Server 2007 and later. Microsoft offers the posters … Read moreMicrosoft Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Poster

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PeopleSync Explainer Video


We have launched our brand new explainer video for our software PeopleSync today. We have developed the story about Lisa and Marc with the team from simpleshow in the last months. simpleshow spezializes in videos like ours and works also for Microsoft and many other companies worldwide. We will also use their scribble language on … Read morePeopleSync Explainer Video

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messageconcept supports ADFC


messageconcept became a supporting member of the ADFC, Germany’s cyclists association, this month. We do encourage our staff to use sustainable mobility and to ride to work by bike or public transport. Interns get a free corporate bike during their internship and employees are able to own a bike as part of their salary. The … Read moremessageconcept supports ADFC