Email Routing in Exchange Server for GCSX and PSN in UK Local Government

To match the requirements of UK Government Connect Code of Connection certain mails between authorities have to be sent using the Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSx) or the Public Services Network (PSN), closed networks, operated by the UK Government. So two types of mails have to be distinguished regarding their mail transport:

  • For mails from senders with the default SMTP domain of your authority, such as, nothing will be changed. They will be delivered their default way to the Internet.
  • For mails from senders with the secure SMTP domain of your authority, such as, the mail routing has to be altered. They will be delivered to a central smart host in the government network.

This is a challenge for Exchange Server operators, because routing based on the sender’s SMTP email address is not available in Microsoft Exchange Server.

The Exchange Routing Solution for GCSx and PSN

Many UK authorities already chose messageconcept ExSBR as their solution to match the email routing requirements of GCSx CoCo and PSN CoCo. You just have to implement two mailboxes for users with the need to communicate over the Government Connect Secure Extranet networks.

ExSBR will distinguish the traffic of a user’s primary mailbox (with a mail address in the address space) and his secondary mailbox (with a address) automatically. The users will have to choose the correct FROM-address in their Microsoft Outlook Client only.

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exsbr email routing solution closed networks exsbr email routing solution closed networks exsbr email routing solution closed networks

messageconcept ExSBR is an add-on product for Microsoft Exchange Server. Our software extends the possibilities of your email system with a flexible message routing. ExSBR solves your requirements in the areas compliance and multi-tenancy.

We extend your Exchange Server with an intelligent ruleset to support flexible possibilities to influence the route of your emails to the Internet or to partner organizations in dependence of the sender.

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