New PeopleSync Release 15.1

We are excited to announce, that today the new PeopleSync Release 15.1 has been released to the public. The new release contains several important fixes as well as new functionality. The new LDAP Agent is a free update for all maintenance customers of our Enterprise Edition. It connects to all LDAP directories, but also allows a flexible configuration of the synchronization with Active Directory.

The new release contains the following changes to PeopleSync Console and Agent:

  • New LDAP Agent
  • Improved SharePoint Agent
  • Exchange GAL Agent: Load user pictures
  • Allow use of nested groups for permissions
  • GUI assistance for filters and column selection in LDAP, Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, SharePoint Database Agents
  • Login with Domain\sAMAccountName in PeopleSync Server
  • Improved CardDAV synchronisation performance
  • Database Agent: Process BLOB-Image
  • Exchange Folder Agent: Strip HTML from Notes field
  • Improved Installer
  • Console + Agent cannot start with encryption not configured
  • Simplified PeopleSync Server installation process
  • Moved default installation directory to C:\Program Files\messageconcept\PeopleSync\

This release contains the following bug fixes:

  • [PS-38] Agents stops when processing invalid vCard
  • [PS-39] Wrong windows size for Salesforce Agent & CRM Agent
  • [PS-45] Function getGroupsForUser crashes on invalid group
  • [PS-115] Manually started agent restarts after 15 minutes
  • [PS-117] Special characters not allowed in System Settings base DN field.
  • [PS-129] NullReferenceException without Reason
  • [PS-130] WF_Sync – Possible to Create Agent
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