New PeopleSync Release Backend 19.1.603 / Frontend 19.1.1

The new PeopleSync release allows to map phone numbers to different field for mobile clients (e.g. display a second phone number as “phone”, instead of “car”). Besides several bug fixes, we also included performance improvements and reduced the SQL database load. The new release comes with new database drivers and supports TLS 1.2 database connections.


  • [PS-311] – Fix Birthdate in Exchange Folder Agent
  • [PS-314] – Hide “Contacts” in “New Menu”


  • [PS-313] – Add Support for TLS 1.2 database connections
  • [PS-317] – PHP Update 7.2.18
  • [PS-318] – Clean up menu items

Breaking Changes

The new Salesforce driver is incompatible with existing Salesforce agent configurations. Therefore, you need to create a new Salesforce agent and replace the old one.

Give us a call, if you have questions regarding PeopleSync. We would be glad to support you.

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