New ExSBR Release 4

It has been a while since the last major update, but the new version of messageconcept ExSBR comes with many new features and two entirely new routing types.

The new Transport Rule Routing allows complex routing scenarios by integrating with the huge capabilities of the Microsoft Exchange Transport Rules. You are able to execute a routing decision based on conditions in the Transport Rules. Routing by subject or in relation to the message recipients becomes possible.

Besides Sender Based Routing, ExSBR now also comes with a Multi-Tenant Routing component. Messages between tenants will be routed as if they would be sent to an external party. You are able to define a default connector for your Multi-Tenant Exchange Server Organization as well as dedicated connectors per tenant. A Tenant can be defined based on Address Book Policies or on SMTP Domains.

Besides that, the logging and monitoring of ExSBR has improved. As debug logging and immediate configuration reload can be enforced, you even need less service restarts.

The new release includes the following new and improved features:

  • New: Transport Rule Routing for complex scenarios.
  • New: Multi-Tenant Routing for Hosted Exchange scenarios.
  • New: Optional scheduled event allows monitoring of ExSBR.
  • New: Improved logging in Event Log.
  • New: Debug Logging can be enabled and disabled without service restart while software is running.
  • New: Configuration refresh can be enforced without service restart while software is running.
  • New: Optional SMTP header logging for troubleshooting.
  • New: Optional logging of sender address in SMTP header.
  • New: Optional logging of routing rule in SMTP header.
  • New: Connectors with explicit namespaces can be ignored.
  • New: No routing of system messages by default.
  • New: Licensing system allows upgrade from eval with a key.
  • New: Support for Exchange Server 2016.
  • New: Support for current .NET Frameworks.
  • Improved: Better loop detection for internal mail routing.
  • Improved: Disabled non-ExSBR connectors are ignored.
  • Improved: Better configuration reload in huge environments.
  • Improved: Easier setup due to signed DLL and new .NET Framework.
  • Fixed: Missed debug events for certain incoming messages.

Breaking Changes:

  • ExSBR 4.x not tested on Exchange 2007 (best effort support).
  • License key and license activation required. See manual.
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