New PeopleSync Backend Release 17.1.529 / Frontend Release 17.1.5

We have released a new release for PeopleSync on frontend and backend side. You will expierience several improvements and bug fixes as well as a better synchronization performance. The AD Agent switched from Global Catalog to normal Domain Controller role by default. That’s why objects in subdomains will no longer be found. Customers needing connection to a global catalog should add “:3268” to the Server Name in AD Agent config.

The new release contains the following bug fixes, features and improvements:


  • [PS-254] – Improve CardDAV Sync Performance
  • [PS-259] – PHP update to 7.0.26

Bug Fixes

  • [PS-256] – AD Agent: Missing Attributes Restored
  • [PS-258] – Field names, encoding broken in vCard
  • [PS-260] – Contact Lifecycle not running for Standalone Address Lists
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